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About the Artist

Don's first job after graduating from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale was creating architectural renderings for a commercial builder.

From there he built his portfolio with graphic design and illustration assignments for printers and ad agencies, ultimately serving as Advertising Director for a major furniture manufacturer. A North Carolina native, Don waited until his retirement to begin painting for fun, returning to the drawing board with a fresh perspective.


"My goal in creating these images is not to imitate other artists or invent a new style.  I'm more interested in bringing a smile to someone's face by portraying happy memories and playful themes using bright colors and familiar references."

Career Portfolio

Pelican Post.jpg

Illustration and display designs to introduce The California Raisins

to Hardee's franchises for their promotional advertising. 

Showroom Display.jpg

Composition for silk screen                

Serigraph "Pelican Post"

Grace and Frankie.jpg

Showroom layout for Lexington Furniture Industries.

One of several of Don's Uwharrie Chair designs, this one used in television series "Grace and Frankie"                         

Rain Bunny.jpg

Today, Don lives in Hendersonville, NC with his artistic wife Jean,

who creates amazing ceramic sculptures. (

They share the house, the cars, three cats, and virtually all meals,

but wisely work in separate studios.

Left: "Rainy Bunny" by Jean Greeson

Production Notes  

Reproductions.  Each original painting is professionally photographed in controlled conditions, followed by proofing procedures to ensure color match and reproduction fidelty, use of only inks considered archival, bright white paper with a brilliance rating of 80 years, and final approval of each and every reproduction by the artist. These are not so-called "limited edtions," but sophisticated high-resolution images printed one at a time. 

Pricing: Gallery, Show, and Website prices are the same. Shipping costs vary, but efforts are made to ship efficiently.
There is no charge for handling, but cost of shipping will be charged to the buyer unless delivered locally. 

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